Given the challenges in the real estate market, many people are deciding to stay put in their house and wait for things to improve.  That said, those same folks are saying “If we’re staying, we’re updating”.  Remodeling has become an ever increasing part of our business and we would love to talk to you about the ideas you have for your house. If you want, fill out the form below and we will contact you right away.

Here are a few areas that are popular remodeling projects. Be sure to look at our Photo Gallery for before and after pictures of some of our recent projects.

Whole House

Now this is our specialty!  We have done numerous projects where we take the house down to the studs and rebuild it so it’s essentially a new house. All new electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, new insulation, often times new windows for increased energy efficiency, etc.  Sometimes we even pop the roof off an old ranch and add a second story. Now that’s a lot of fun.  We can help you decide how best to approach a project of this magnitude.  Having done it many times we have the experience to help you navigate the complexities.

Kitchen and Baths

This is usually the first place people look at when considering a remodeling project.  The return on investment with a kitchen/bath project is usually very good.  If you know your space needs a facelift but not sure about materials, design, etc. let us help.  We are happy to show you design options and price up various scenarios (box cabinets v custom cabinets, granite v quartz, etc) to get you going.  We also have access to local designers, draftsmen and architects who we work side by side with in designing and implementing your ideas.

Basement / Flex Space Finishing

Unfinished space in your house is also a good place to spend remodeling dollars.  Since this involves only interior framing and finishing, these projects usually are simpler and faster than additions.  Permitting requirements are usually simpler and less expensive as well.


If you don’t have any unfinished space in the house, or if what you have isn’t enough, let’s work together to design a nice addition that will flow well with your existing space and give you what you want.  Typically these are 3-6 month projects, depending on size, but we do everything we can to minimize the impact on your day to day life.

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