Project Management

The average new home or major renovation project has thousands of decision points, involves dozens of specialized workers, and takes months to complete. Even seemingly small remodeling jobs involve many more moving parts than you would think.  Working with a contractor with very strong organizational and project management skills is imperative to ensure your project runs smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.

Here is the full suite of project management services you will receive working with Grau.



With every new home or remodel project, we will provide you with a detailed estimate.  Our estimates will show line item details for every major component of your project. We give you rolled up summaries by cost category (ie Flooring, Appliances, etc.) as well as detailed line item views within each cost category. And as you will learn in our Pricing section, we even share with you our overhead and profit on the job.  Now that’s unique. Click to view a sample Estimate.


Along with a detailed estimate, we will also provide you with a detailed project schedule.  This then becomes the master schedule from which you as Owner and we as Contractor stay on the same page.  It sets realistic expectations from the start and gives you visibility further into the future so you can prepare for important target dates and deliverables. Click to view a sample Project Schedule.

During Construction


Keeping you updated during the course of the project is paramount to our success.  This is why we will update you on a regular basis.  Most customers prefer weekly phone calls to review the events of the week and be advised on the upcoming weeks’ schedule. This works very well in keeping everyone focused and aware of what is happening and clearly lays out roles and responsibilities. Click to view a sample Weekly Status Report.


We will produce tracking reports for you on an agreed upon schedule that will show how we are tracking against the budget and what dollars remain to be spent.  That way you can have a full view of not only where you are at a point in time, but where you are realistically looking to be at the end of the project. Click to view a sample Actual vs Budget Report.


At contract signing you will be given a unique login so that you can access key documentation in one secure location.  We will post important documents such as project schedules, WSRs, decor selection worksheets, and others, so that you don’t have to go digging through email or file folders.  We even post pictures as your house or remodel project progresses, which is especially great for our custom home customers who may be living out of town while their house is being built.  Just another way we make the building process simpler for you.

Post Construction


For any project we put our name on, we stand by our work. At regular intervals, usually 30,90 and 365 days after completion, we check in.  Additionally, we make submitting in-warranty service requests very easy through our Online Warranty Request form.  We do our best to schedule and complete your service requests promptly.


We are always striving to improve.  We feel the best way to do that is to hear from our customers what went right and what went wrong over the course of the project.  To that end we encourage an open dialogue throughout the project so that we can strive to do better.