We Currently Have The Following Job Opening(s)

Site Coordinator

Do you like to make it happen, day in and day out?  Do you like variety, the spice of life?  Do you want to surround yourself with top notch talent and work alongside seasoned construction veterans who will make you better?  Do you want to be presented with new challenges daily and conquer them?  If so…

We are looking for a smart, thoughtful, (semi) seasoned site supervisor who wants to grow with a great company.  We have many active projects and many more in the pipeline and we need to find good people who want to learn/grow and help to successfully manage these projects from start to finish.  Some are new construction, some are heavy renovations.  All in the Durham, Chapel Hill, Orange County area.  We don’t normally get outside this geographical range but for the right project we’ll travel.

Since you’ll inevitably need to haul large heavy things around town, having a reliable pick up truck is a must.  Interior trim and general framing skills highly desired.

You’ll also need to be good with a computer/tablet.  We keep lots and lots of project details on our online system and your job will be to use that system to keep things organized and moving forward.  As long as you have the will we’ll teach you the way.

Competitive pay and benefits including paid time off, telehealth and 401K.

Call or email for more details.

Thank you