This is our competitive advantage.  While most builders rely on weekly Excel spreadsheets (if you’re lucky) to track your spending and how you’re doing against the budget, we take it to the next level.  Our online system is a central repository for the entire project.  Budgets, schedules, selection choices, photographs-it’s all here, under one roof.

Watch the video for a quick overview.  We know you’ll love it.


Sample Dashboard

Once you log in to our system, you are given a high level look at the important elements of the project.  Any To Do items in your court?  You’ll know.  How are we tracking versus the budget?  You’ll see that too.  Are we on schedule?  Yep, we even show you that.  It’s visual, it’s intuitive, it’s informative.  Can it get any better?


Sample Timeline

Each component of the project is thought about and budgeted for.  Yes, we even budget for the Porta John.  We put a lot of time and effort into building the budget.  We have lengthy discussions with you and with our trade partners about the project so we can create a budget that is as realistic and tied to your expectations as possible.


Sample Timeline

Before we start your project, we build out a schedule with a critical path and then track our progress against that schedule once we are underway.  You will be able to see at any time the monthly calendar and the upcoming sequence of events.  And any important decisions or selections (think countertop choices, tile choices, etc.) are tied to the schedule.  You are notified well in advance of when those decisions are needed.  So you aren’t running around at the last minute making bad decisions to stay on schedule.


Sample Estimate

On a daily basis we are tracking actual expenses versus the budget.  And because there are inevitable changes that influence the budget both in the near term and further out, our system is smart enough to figure out how that would impact the projected total cost of the project.  So you’ll always have relevant and timely information at your fingertips.  That’s how good decisions and happy clients are made.

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